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Adult Bedwetting: The Shocking Truth

Bedwetting is supposed to be a childhood nemesis. Nighttime bedwetting is supposed to be the dragon that terrors children...not adults. The truth of the matter is, studies show that adult bedwetting affects around 26 million people--and that only covers the ones who report it.

Adult Bedwetting Is Embarrassing

It goes without saying that wetting the bed when you’re a grown man or woman is embarrassing. Some people manage the problem by limiting their life. They don’t travel. They don’t want to crash on a friend’s couch for the night, or fall asleep in a lover’s arms. The toll can be too high if they were to both wake in a pool of urine.

This is no way to live a life.

Real Reasons For Adult Bedwetting

Some people have residual primary (leftover from childhood) bedwetting and others suffer from secondary (a condition that developed in adulthood) enuresis. Either way, there are underlying causes for adult bedwetting and none of them include the word lazy.

Primary Adult Bedwetting Causes

Only about 2-3% of adult men and women suffer from primary enuresis which, for them, has happened since childhood. Some of the causes for primary adult bedwetting are as follows:

1. Smaller Functional Bladder Can Cause Adult Bedwetting

This is when your brain sends signals to tell your body that the bladder is full and to release when it’s actually not full yet.

2. Low Antidiuretic Hormone Can Cause Adult Bedwetting

This is the opposite of having a smaller functioning bladder. It is when your brain does not produce enough of the hormone that tells your body it’s time to go, and your bladder overflows.

3. Deep sleepers Can Suffer From Adult Bedwetting

Yes. It might just be as simple as you being a deep sleeper.

These causes are often easily treatable and you can get help to solve your adult bedwetting by talking to your doctor about the solutions.

Secondary Adult Bedwetting Causes

Unfortunately, while primary bedwetting causes are usually easy to treat, the majority of those suffering from adult bedwetting can attribute their problem to secondary causes. That means that there is an underlying problem that developed in their body since they became an adult. These problems are often more difficult to diagnose and can be dangerous left untreated.

Common Secondary Adult Bedwetting Causes

1. Diabetes Can Cause Adult Bedwetting

High sugars in the blood pulls water out of muscles (called osmolality) and causes frequent urination.

2. Obstructive Sleep Apnea Can Cause Adult Bedwetting

OSA can cause adult bedwetting by decreasing arousal response, and by increasing intra-abdominal pressure during obstructive respiratory events, which places more pressure on the bladder.

3. Prostate Cancer or Enlargement Can Cause Adult Bedwetting

Enlargement or cancer of the prostate in men can cause adult bedwetting because of pressure placed on the bladder.

4.Urinary Tract Infections Can Cause Adult Bedwetting

If regular adult bedwetting isn’t something you normally suffer from, but it happens occasionally, a urinary tract infection could be the culprit. Especially for women.

How To Prevent Adult Bedwetting

Once you have talked to your doctor and found the underlying causes of your adult bedwetting, it’s time to treat the bedwetting itself. Hopefully, your doctor will be treating the actual problem, but you will need to be proactive about getting your quality of life back.

Adult Bedwetting Alarm

Nytone has a simple solution to help cure your adult bedwetting. The bedwetting alarm by Nytone is the world’s smallest enuresis alarm. Simply attach the alarm around your arm, and run the cord down through your clothes, attaching the sensor to your underwear. At the first sign of moisture, the alarm will sound, and you will be able to avoid adult bedwetting.

For primary and secondary adult bedwetting causes, a bedwetting alarm can greatly improve your rest, soothe your anxiety, and enhance your happiness by helping prevent adult bedwetting.

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Nov 09, 2016 • Posted by Sadie

I’ve been a bedwetter all my life. I was born in New Zealand, but grew up on different Caribbean islands, and still love to travel despite my " disability"

It happened the very night for me till my early teens, since then slowly very slowly improved.
My bed mattress is always protected of course but during the last few years I’ve learnt when to wear my pull up nappy ( I use Tena) ….like after parties, or if I’m stressed. I’ve become quite clever at guessing when to wear & when not to.
I ve never had a lover …..sigh.

Even though I’m 23 mum & dad help with the extra costs of protection.

Oct 28, 2016 • Posted by Jenny

I turned 50 last May, but my bedwetting started 3 years back when i was around 47 years old. I’t really embarrasing that though i don’t hear any comment from my husband, i still feel so eewweee that i bedwet even though i’m already too old for it. I have Diabetes and it thus sums up that it is one of the underlying causes why i do thi sand I bedwet 2-3 times in a week.. We too have plastic fitted bed covers and it really helps a lot to save the mattress dry and only the linen and bed sheets i have to wash when it happens.

Oct 18, 2016 • Posted by Tamesha Walker

Every since my fiancé passed last year Nov7,2016
From and brain anyrusum, which was so heartbreaking. I’ve notice that sometime I pee in the bed. It’s like theses last few days have been really rought for me and I find my self not wanting to be home. I have managed meet someone else and I enjoy his company. But it’s not the same, He doesn’t do what my fiancé did for me and I feel like Iam excepting less than I deserve. Just to keep someone company to talk to and go out with sometime it goes to far with is cause. Honestly I’m looking for another Andre. I never had to have the concern I have with my new friend. And I’m so mad that he left me and there is nothing I can do or say not even through pray that can bring him back. I watch a family member go through the thing and he is still here(thank god) sometime I’m not sure if I want to be here cause . I feel like I have nothing left. My new friend is a very nice guy, but I don’t have the support from him that I wants had?? I understand that GOD is err prove , and doesn’t make Any mistake but I can’t help but to wonder why sometimes. I love him so much and I still do. It’s like I’m living it all over again. As for me new friend I just like his. Company and I’m attracted to him but I have so many doubts about us…it’s as if I hurting myself over and over again( and I hate it) we all
Understand when someone is serious about you and when they are not. I honestly believe that his love for me is genuine, like he doesn’t want anything to happened to me but that not enough for me. I feel like Deserve more..please pray for me and my strength. Sometime I just want to give up. But the fight in me for the LORD JESUS CHRIST want let me. I don’t want to be hurt and I don’t want to hurt anyone please some one keep me in prayer. i need someone for myself who will love me just as much as Andre and even more. Sometimes when I leave my friend for the evening I’m sad for a good 15-20 minutes then I’m fine but my fiancé always wanted to be with me every step I took and I miss that. I can’t express how I really feel to my new friend cause he always takes it the wrong way so I’ve learned to stay quiet when it comes to my feelings. Which doesn’t help me, Jusy a pacifier for what I feel. So many emotions and don’t know how to deal with it.. last night my friend made me feel like he just don’t have the time for me… I was very upset and he just to me had no concern ??I don’t know what I’m doing I really enjoy his company but I don’t like how I feel after wards

Oct 17, 2016 • Posted by enock

wet twice a month

Sep 26, 2016 • Posted by Kiayanna Jackson

I am 21 years old and have been wetting the bed about 4 to 5 nights a week.

Sep 16, 2016 • Posted by Josh

I am 28 and have never been reliably dry at night. I was a chronic bedwetter, until almost the end of high school, then the stress of going away to college caused me to learn to sleep much lighter and my bedwetting became less frequent. Although I do not think I sleep as well, I don’t wet anymore on a nightly basis. However, I definitely am not “cured” as I will have bouts where I do wet the bed for several nights in a row. It has really cramped my social life, as it makes it difficult to date.

Jul 21, 2016 • Posted by MKD

My fiancee, a lady of 25years old bed wet every week. what can i do to help her?

Jun 25, 2016 • Posted by Amy Mills

do I just go to my primary care doctor for adult bed wetting or is there specialist that deal with this?

May 25, 2016 • Posted by Josh F

I have been a chronic bedwetter since childhood. 4-5 nights every week. At some point in my late teens I just accepted the fact and lived my life. Other than a couple of dresser drawers filled with diapers and plastic pants, I live a normal life.

May 16, 2016 • Posted by Delphine

I bed wet occasionally and this started in 2016. Am 30 years old. This started before and after the miscarriage I had in January 2016. Its the third time am experiencing this. It happened last on 16/5/2016. What can I do to stop this?

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