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Adult Bedwetting: The Shocking Truth

Bedwetting is supposed to be a childhood nemesis. Nighttime bedwetting is supposed to be the dragon that terrors children...not adults. The truth of the matter is, studies show that adult bedwetting affects around 26 million people--and that only covers the ones who report it.

Adult Bedwetting Is Embarrassing

It goes without saying that wetting the bed when you’re a grown man or woman is embarrassing. Some people manage the problem by limiting their life. They don’t travel. They don’t want to crash on a friend’s couch for the night, or fall asleep in a lover’s arms. The toll can be too high if they were to both wake in a pool of urine.

This is no way to live a life.

Real Reasons For Adult Bedwetting

Some people have residual primary (leftover from childhood) bedwetting and others suffer from secondary (a condition that developed in adulthood) enuresis. Either way, there are underlying causes for adult bedwetting and none of them include the word lazy.

Primary Adult Bedwetting Causes

Only about 2-3% of adult men and women suffer from primary enuresis which, for them, has happened since childhood. Some of the causes for primary adult bedwetting are as follows:

1. Smaller Functional Bladder Can Cause Adult Bedwetting

This is when your brain sends signals to tell your body that the bladder is full and to release when it’s actually not full yet.

2. Low Antidiuretic Hormone Can Cause Adult Bedwetting

This is the opposite of having a smaller functioning bladder. It is when your brain does not produce enough of the hormone that tells your body it’s time to go, and your bladder overflows.

3. Deep sleepers Can Suffer From Adult Bedwetting

Yes. It might just be as simple as you being a deep sleeper.

These causes are often easily treatable and you can get help to solve your adult bedwetting by talking to your doctor about the solutions.

Secondary Adult Bedwetting Causes

Unfortunately, while primary bedwetting causes are usually easy to treat, the majority of those suffering from adult bedwetting can attribute their problem to secondary causes. That means that there is an underlying problem that developed in their body since they became an adult. These problems are often more difficult to diagnose and can be dangerous left untreated.

Common Secondary Adult Bedwetting Causes

1. Diabetes Can Cause Adult Bedwetting

High sugars in the blood pulls water out of muscles (called osmolality) and causes frequent urination.

2. Obstructive Sleep Apnea Can Cause Adult Bedwetting

OSA can cause adult bedwetting by decreasing arousal response, and by increasing intra-abdominal pressure during obstructive respiratory events, which places more pressure on the bladder.

3. Prostate Cancer or Enlargement Can Cause Adult Bedwetting

Enlargement or cancer of the prostate in men can cause adult bedwetting because of pressure placed on the bladder.

4.Urinary Tract Infections Can Cause Adult Bedwetting

If regular adult bedwetting isn’t something you normally suffer from, but it happens occasionally, a urinary tract infection could be the culprit. Especially for women.

How To Prevent Adult Bedwetting

Once you have talked to your doctor and found the underlying causes of your adult bedwetting, it’s time to treat the bedwetting itself. Hopefully, your doctor will be treating the actual problem, but you will need to be proactive about getting your quality of life back.

Adult Bedwetting Alarm

Nytone has a simple solution to help cure your adult bedwetting. The bedwetting alarm by Nytone is the world’s smallest enuresis alarm. Simply attach the alarm around your arm, and run the cord down through your clothes, attaching the sensor to your underwear. At the first sign of moisture, the alarm will sound, and you will be able to avoid adult bedwetting.

For primary and secondary adult bedwetting causes, a bedwetting alarm can greatly improve your rest, soothe your anxiety, and enhance your happiness by helping prevent adult bedwetting.

Why wait? Cure your adult bedwetting with Nytone!

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Oct 24, 2017 • Posted by David

I’m 58 and started wetting the bed about 3 years ago. It started about once or twice a month and progressed to Almost every night. Doctors have not found anything wrong except sleep apnea and since I won’t wear a CPAP, no treatment. I’ve learned to manage the wetting with diapers at night and mattress protection. The biggest problem is since a very resend divorce I’m alone. My wife was very supportive and understanding and this was not why we separated. Point is, am I to be alone the rest of my life. How can I find someone to share my bed when I wet it and wear diapers at night. Does anyone out there know how I feel? Any thoughts?

Oct 03, 2017 • Posted by Becky

Hi there, I’m 43 year old lady….i’ve been having this bedwetting since 4 years ago. Whenever I dreamt that I was urinating in my dream it comes to reality i.e. I wet my bed, it’s occassional maybe once in 2months. Also I’m on high blood pressure medications. Please I need your help, also scared to tell my husband. Thank you.

Sep 27, 2017 • Posted by Larub

Hey sup.,
My wife sometimes wetting in our bed it’s about 3-4 a week I do wanna embarrassed her cause I love my wife.
Please tell me how am I going to do. So that I can help here .
She will always wash our bed cover an she don’t want me to help her.
I know that my wife embarrassed when im going to smell our bed. And my kid also pee at bed so that I consider that smell gos to my kid not my wife so please help thanks

Sep 09, 2017 • Posted by S k khare

Dear sir
I need help with you. I am facing problem of bedwetting from last many year to till date and I am 29 year old n I have very embarrassed many times by this dicies.. I want to know specialist doctor for treatment nurologist or psychologist please suggest me…

Aug 19, 2017 • Posted by ENU

My first time of bedwetting was 2007 since then it did not happen again, till today 21st August 2017 I bedwet again, please what will be the cause of my bedwetting once in a while. Thank you.

Aug 02, 2017 • Posted by Veronica Joyi

Hollow good people I also need help… I started bed wetting round about 2006 when I was 20 evrytime i dreamt urening but when I wake up it was a real thing….. every after 3 or 4 months I wet my bad and I’m scared to tell my husband this… its very embarrassing please help

Aug 02, 2017 • Posted by Spencer Oziogu

Good morning I apologise for the late inconvenience of this message. I have an issue on my hand that I’m very embarrassed by it. Lately I’ve been peeing on the bed for some time now and I need help resolving this issue. I have sickle-cell and I take medication so I won’t have any crisis involving my condition. I’m not sure if that has anything to do with it. I also have to drink plenty of water and I try to stop at a reasonable time so that this wouldn’t happen but I can’t figure out why it still does. I just really need help with this.

Jul 28, 2017 • Posted by ADEOLA

I bed wet since i was a child,now am 24 i stil bedwet,since 2012 have been having it like 7-10x a year pls i need help

Jul 04, 2017 • Posted by Semone

I am not a regular bed wetter, but I notice mine when am stress out . I will be dreaming that am peeping outside such a beautiful sleep. Should I be concern?

Jun 25, 2017 • Posted by Natalie B

I’m 20 y/o and I’ve wetted my bed since my early teens.. it’s become more frequent nowadays. It’s exhausting and embarrassing.

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